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Research 101: How to Find Forms and Precedents



  • What are forms and precedents?
    • samples of common legal documents.
    • forms that are legislated by statute or regulation.
    • materials that have evolved through common use to become accepted standards.


  • Why would I want to use them?
    • to save time.
    • to help you understand what information to include and what structure to use.
    • some forms are legislated and must be used in certain situations.


  • How would I use them?
    • find a sample form or precedent that suits your situation as closely as possible.
    • tailor the precedent to suit your client's needs. Remember, these are sample wordings or frameworks, not complete "fill in the blanks."
    • ensure that the resulting form addresses all the necessary issues and does not do anything you don't want it to do.


  • What is not available at the Great Library?
    • actual court documents filed in court registries, such as pleadings and factums. Please contact the relevant court registries directly.